Real-time data is a powerful technology tool that can be used to improve their custom application services for ag retailers, co-ops, and independent service providers. Real-time technology is an added value for everyone within the business - from general managers, location managers, dispatchers, applicators, and tender truck drivers - to make informed decisions that benefit the overall business.

From impacting the bottom line to customer retention, here are some of the main benefits of real-time data for ag retailers.

Increase operational efficiency 

One of the main benefits of real-time data is being able to view the entire operation. With the total view, decision-makers can understand, act, solve problems, and change plans, if needed. Monitoring in real-time provides insights into tender trucks, applicators, mix operators, and everything in between. These benefits include streamlining communication that prevents bottlenecks, lessens wait time, and reduces errors in the operation.

Increasing efficiency can be found in technology that provides real-time weather forecasts. By taking into account live weather conditions for each field, an applicator can stay compliant based on label requirements and improve efficacy and a quality application in the most ideal environments.

Machine utilization 

Did you know machines aren’t being used for 27% of the machine hours available (not accounting for weather*)? Ensuring the fleet is being utilized to its full capacity is another way to use real-time data to empower the operation. This information helps avoid common situations that sidelines equipment.

Powerful reporting both in real-time and historical gives ag retailers the tools to determine the outcome’s machine utilization. Reports such as equipment history, reviewing all work orders, and compliance reports provide valuable insights to both employees and growers to ensure the best possible service.

Empower employees

With real-time data, various employees of the operation can do their jobs with increased precision and quality. Improved communication and enhanced accessibility into the total operation give the whole team, such as tender truck drivers, applicators, mix operators, sales agronomists, general managers, and operations team to make the best decisions for the day. 

For example, Solinftec’s applicator app gives applicators insights into quality applications that make an applicator's day more productive and accurate. The applicator can view schedules, routes, and live weather conditions to remain efficient. Review real-time reporting on the ideal speed of application, weather conditions, work order cycles, terrain, and more.  

Better customer experience

Dealing with increased demand and a short planting season, ag-retailers can plan their order process with real-time data which increases efficiency and services more farmers in shorter amounts of time.

Ag retailers can prove the quality application with reporting, which can help turn satisfied customers into loyal customers. Real-time data also helps ag retailers collaborate with the growers to better manage expectations. 

Real-time data is a powerful tool for ag retailers, co-ops, and independent service providers. Along with real-time data, Solinftec technology offers intelligence needed to react, adjust and optimize at the moment to enhance custom application services. Have questions about Solinftec solutions? Contact us today.

*According to Solinftec 2018-19 data


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