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Solinftec delivers a higher quality of service to growers, with fields applied accurately and on time.

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Ag retailer services

Efficiency and quality for ag retailers, co-ops, and service providers

At Solinftec, we take technical efficiency to a new level, connecting real-time data across the field to fine-tune your entire system. 

  • Easily move work orders to a digital platform, reducing paper 
  • Generate efficiency across the operations 
  • Increase productivity and revenue 
  • Reduce risks = reducing customer and employee churn 
  • Optimize inputs, machines and staff 

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Discover how much money ag retailers, co-ops, and service providers are saving by using agronomic software services from Solinftec.

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Solinftec is the location manager's favorite tool

Ag retailer location managers have a lot on their plate - managing daily operations, meeting customers' expectations, and retaining employees to name a few. Solinftec's technology looks at the total view of the operation, helping to plan, alleviant pain points and free up time to focus on growing the business. 


Would it be helpful to visit on platform a see a total view of your operation working in real-time? Monitoring with Solinftec allows teams to view insights into the active operation, including sprayers, spreaders, and tender trucks. Visualize the work orders status of each job from scheduled to in-progress.


Cover more fields and serve more customers with Solinftec's scheduling functionality. Using the one-of-a-kind ALICE AI Platform platform, Scheduling takes into account ideal spray windows, time needed in the field, time between tank cleaning and refills, label requirements, and much more. Scheduling also gives you the flexibility to change plans throughout the day if needed.

Powerful reporting

Solinftec provides service providers and retail locations with powerful reporting across all parts of the operation. Learnings from fleet stop time, equipment history, quality of custom applications, and much more are collected and reported on as requested.

AgTech Optimization Case Study

Enhancing service to farmers, growing opportunity in retail

Find out why Carroll Service Company partnered with Solinftec for better data visibility and real-time decision-making.

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"Real tangible value"

Frankly, at $400,000 to half a million dollars a rig, we can’t afford to have a rig only cover 6,000 acres. With these efficiencies – to keep things running, having a better route, covering all those acres in a given year – we can cut machines or grow into them.

Chase Sellnow, Carroll Service Company FS, CEO

Your success is our success

Whether it's implementation or training, our experienced team is available to assist you to make the most of Solinftec's agronomic software. 

Our cloud-based solutions are easy-to-use, and there’s always help if needed.

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The bottom line is we deliver an ROI unmatched in AgTech


more acres per hour with speed regulation


time saved with tender truck optimization

savings per sprayer per year

Solinftec's Comprehensive Technology Solutions

Ag retailers, co-ops, and independent service providers use Solinftec solutions to help your team apply on an additional 5,000 acres each year.*

Explore Solinftec’s agronomic technology's most powerful features.

*Based off of 4.2M applied acres in 2019, 2020

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Use our real-time agronomy solutions to transform and optimize your operations.

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