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Solinftec's mission is to build technology to create productive and responsible agriculture for the future of the planet.

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Who we are

Challenge drives us

As a global leader in digital intelligence for agriculture, we know the planet is going through a turning point.

  • Global agricultural production needs to grow by 60% to meet the estimated food demand for 2050.
  • We need to adapt with extreme agility to be able to produce more with the same land.
  • In 30 years, climate change could limit agricultural productivity even more.
  • As we increase production, we must simultaneously reduce environmental impact to ensure the quality of life for future generations.

Produce and preserve is our only option.

For the next few years, our ambition is to make a global impact on humanity. Our mission is to give each farm a sustainable future by promoting the use of technologies by producers.

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Our solution has a name.

We present: ALICE AI Platform

Integrated and systemic: the brain that will take your farming into a new era.

ALICE understands your business as you do.

ALICE AI knows the challenges at face when working in the open air. The technology works on the complete management of the agricultural ecosystem, with effective actions in the day-to-day of farming.

ALICE keeps a record of your farm's operations.

Time is money. Therefore, it doesn't help to simply point out flaws and mistakes which may have already compromised your profitability. ALICE AI shows you what to fix before it's too late.

ALICE holds the largest ag data library in the world.

ALICE receives over half a billion pieces of data from the field each day. This information supports the producer in an experienced and intelligent way, creating a controlled environment. This allows for more security with decision-making.

With ALICE AI, your production is smarter and more competitive.

We make farming operations more efficient from start to finish—from agronomic care to logistics optimization. At Solinftec, our customers do not receive problem reports—we send them solutions in real-time!

27 million +

Acres managed in real-time from plant to plant

24 hours a day

Data received in real time, 365 days a year

3.7 trillion

Data points received per year

6,000 transaction per second

Received by our cloud platform


Increase in productivity gains and efficiencies

Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

Equivalent to: 50 million trees planted, 60k soccer fields reforested or 1 million electrified cars

Global AI-based solutions for agriculture developed with a hyperlocal mindset

Solving the world’s biggest challenges, starting right on your home turf.

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