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Streamline your operation, generate efficiency and increase productivity with field-developed agronomy solutions focused on making service in agriculture better.

Reap the benefits of real-time technology
for your agronomy service business 

Connect data across your business to fine-tune service operations from farm to farm 

Expect more from your operations with easy-to-implement software that helps you cover more acres, optimize your fleet and streamline operations so you can provide a better service to farmers and grow your business.

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Less waiting. More doing. Our algorithms reduce the time spent driving and idling, so your machines and fields output what you expect.


Capture the profits ingrained in your fields. Every factor you can control helps you achieve the balance sheet you expect so you can serve and retain more farmers while increasing revenue. 


Give your staff a better work environment and a way to stay connected - moving processes from manual to digital. The right tools help make the job run smoother.

Agriculture Software Solutions Overview

Solve for the factors you can control

Achieve maximum efficiency with agriculture software solutions designed to solve the most challenging issues for farmers, retailers, and

With agriculture software solutions, researched and developed alongside farmers and service providers, you get control of practically everything — aside from changing the weather.

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Route optimization

Find the most efficient routes — and reduce lost time — with route optimization tools that measure critical variables to find the most efficient route.

Tender truck optimization

Make sure your tender trucks and applicators converge at a single point by leveraging real-time data, so you don’t have applicators waiting.

Machine utilization

Improve your acre release forecasting and machine utilization with a real-time machine scoreboard, which helps you eliminate the most common non-weather slowdowns.

Benefits of AGROnomic SOLUTIONS for Service 

Technology with a total view of the field

Considering your unique inputs and resources, we use machine learning to automate operations

Solinftec considers farm locations, weather forecasts, tank-mix compatibility, product labels, cleaning times and more so customers can predict upcoming conditions, make plans, and pivot when things change.

Better service

Higher quality of service to farmers, with fields applied accurately, on time and with transparency.

Predictive technology

Technology that considers your unique inputs, predicting upcoming conditions and pivoting when things change.

Time savings

Less time spent creating a schedule and planning for tomorrow with the flexibility to adjust to your business's unique needs.

Confidence in your fleet

Live view of your fleet getting the job done - arriving at the right field, at the right time, with the right product.

Workforce alignment

More efficient and informed workforce - from the office to the field - with less time waiting or discussing next steps.

Growth enablement

More accurate and timely service to farmers and a more efficient business to enable growth for your business.

Agronomic Service Customer Story

Provided more service out of the current fleet of machines and operators on staff

West Central FS partnered with Solinftec to increase efficiencies and provide better service to customers.

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“Solinftec sets themselves apart and one way they do that is their team.”

“They’re the boots on the ground working for us to make our jobs easier, giving us peace of mind, helping us get home sooner to be with our families. That’s one thing I cannot stress enough. Their team strives to be the best they can for our team – and they become our team.”


Work with user-generated agronomy solutions

Every solution is locally-grown in a field near you.

The best solutions start at the source. Our researchers, engineers, and scientists don’t stay cooped up in pristine labs. We’d never get anywhere like that.

Every solution and agronomic service we offer is the result of thousands of observations, conversations and man-hours. It’s how we learned that a report isn’t enough to drive results, and it’s why our agronomic services have saved millions for farmers and ag operators around the globe.

Adopt with confidence using our on-the-ground success team

You’ll have boots on the ground when you need them.

With our user-friendly mobile services, you and your teams will have confidence at every phase of adoption.

Need an extra hand with training or implementation? Our live mobile and in-person success team is experienced in helping everyone — from applicators to location managers — in adopting our technology, so you can get the results you expect.

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Use our calculator to find out exactly what kinds of savings you can expect — and start envisioning what your profits could look like — if you start using agronomic software and services from Solinftec.

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Grow your ideas with innovative insights from Solinftec

Explore innovative thinking from industry experts to find new ways of solving the most critical issues in agriculture.

Solix, technology that lives in the field.
Solix, technology that lives in the field.

Global positioning technologies (GPS) have helped agricultural machines perform high-precision tasks in space. Today, the ability to treat agricultural fields on a site-specific basis is dominated by technology. Our Solix robot, for example, can treat on a...

Optimize your operations with agriculture software solutions

Use global agriculture software solutions to optimize operations.

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Join thousands of other farmers, retailers, and co-ops in finding new opportunities to improve efficiency and optimize processes — all in the service of feeding the world.