Route Optimization

Our technologies help you find the most efficient route to the fields on your schedule.

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Route optimization is more than getting from point A to point B, but getting there in the shortest amount of time, reducing stop time, avoiding hazards or obstacles and assigning the best sprayer from the most optimal locations.

Improve travel efficiency with route optimization

Enhance your entire fleet operations

This solution builds an ideal daily schedule, which considers the best routes from field to field so you can cover more acres every day and reduce machine stop time, improving your daily operation and increasing the bottom line.

Efficient scheduling to plan the day

Find the best routes, cover more acres, reduce machine stop time, and minimize unnecessary driving or course mishaps with our AI-driven scheduling features.

Efficient scheduling minimizes unnecessary driving across the county. With one-of-a-kind AI scheduling features, Solinftec schedules machines that will help cover more acres in a season. This eliminates sprayers crossing paths due to scheduling mishaps that don’t foresee the most direct place for applicators to go.

Cutting costs through route optimization

We’ve learned from 4 million applied acres that custom applicators lose 30 minutes per machine per day due to inefficient routing. We can help improve this by 15% more efficient travel.

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Benefits of Route Optimization

Use our technology to build an ideal daily schedule and improve daily operations -- all so you can increase your bottom line.

Improving your bottom line

By eliminating excess travel time, your fleet will save money on the cost of fuel.

Increased efficiency for your fleet

We take retail locations, label requirements, tank mix cleaning times and real-time weather conditions into consideration, increasing your efficiency, giving you a total view of your operation.

Better decision making

With route optimization and AI scheduling, applicators are able to decide the best routes to the fields. This helps them save precious time and focus more on the job rather than how to get there.

Let our results do the talking

acres optimized in 10 countries

Machines monitored in real-time

tons of CO2 avoided in five years

Route optimization is an asset to your entire operation

Your entire team can benefit from better routes and better scheduling. Here are some of the ways key stakeholders can use it:


Applicators no longer have to guess how to get to the field they are assigned to spray. They will also find the most efficient route, avoiding hazards and roadblocks, creating 15% more efficient travel time*


The operations team is able to monitor sprayers, spreaders and tender trucks in real-time and make judgements based on performance and location.

Tender Truck Driver

Tender truck drivers receive efficient routes through the Tender Truck app. Tender truck drivers who aren't as familiar with the area will be able to use the app to find the best route to meet the applicator.

General Manager

When the bottom line is every factor you can control, turns into more profit. With our Solinftec software solution, features such as route optimization is helping ag retailers and co-ops insights into the entire operation and impacting the bottom line.


When you spend less time figuring out how to get from field to field, with less travel time across the county and more time spraying, customers are left satisfied and turn into loyal customers.

Featured Case Study

Carroll Service Company FS

See how Carroll Service Company FS used route optimization as part of the entire Solinftec solution to improve their custom application operations.

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