Sugarcane in Brazil and Latin America

100% integrated and synchronized flows for sugarcane producers

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Fully adapted to the reality of the field, Solinftec was born with the mission of improving efficiency in the sugar and alcohol sector, a market that has a great need to reinvent itself, year after year.

Our technology works by integrating monitoring, productivity, traceability and logistics to ensure the maximum profitability of your crop.

Monitoring all processes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

We've learned that a plant can never stop and that's why ALICE AI works at the same pace as your operations, acting in real-time to ensure that the plan will be executed perfectly.

Your sugarcane business running like a perfect gear

ALICE AI organizes all the routes with autonomy and agility, associating in real-time the availability of equipment and the demand of each station within the farm.

Connectivity: Our artificial intelligence operates independently of 4G

Most of the Brazilian grain production is located in regions without connectivity. We use SolinfNet, a low-cost proprietary network to connect all field operations.

Machines, Operations, Input type: We connect everything, whatever the size of your business.

Retiring spreadsheets and papers: transparency and reliability throughout the production chain

With numerous operations and diverse processes, the complexity lies in safely and quickly collecting accurate and reliable information.

Our solution: Traceability of data from all links in the production chain 100% digitally and automatically.


Cultures in Brazil and Latin America

Solinftec’s comprehensive solution improves custom application services in all areas of the field

Use global agriculture software solutions to optimize operations

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Join thousands of other farmers, retailers, and co-ops in finding new opportunities to improve efficiency and optimize processes — all in the service of feeding the world.