2050 is now

Agriculture thrives on innovation and makes 2050 the greatest opportunity for the planet

Sustainability Report  

We are the first global AgTech to format a Sustainability Report using the Global Reporting Initiative standards, SASB, Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI) indices and Bloomberg.

The document reinforces our forward-looking management strategy and commitment to solving structural problems in agricultural handling, offering solutions that truly promote a low-impact agriculture.

For global impact results, we need radical transformations

Global agricultural production needs to grow by 60% to meet the estimated food demand for 2050, and there is no more land available for cultivation.

At this rate, we would need two planets to meet this demand.

The exponential growth of the world population, the excessive use of unsustainable practices, and the inefficient use of resources make us reflect: Is it possible to transform today's agriculture into productive, profitable, and sustainable agriculture? We're sure it is. The solution lies in disruptive innovations and technologies.

And we have already started.

Corporate Policy – Sustainability

We have developed the best technology for the field

Many just apply technology in the field

Artificial intelligence, data and automation can help agriculture overcome its biggest challenge – producing more food, with less impact.

Our goal is to develop robotic technology at scale and make it accessible to farmers of all sizes.

We believe that the technology companies that are in the countryside – dirtying their boots and alongside the rural producer – are the ones that will lead the agricultural revolution.

Solinftec will encourage rural producers to change the world

Net zero farm
Pesticides reduction
Fertilizer efficiency
Soil protection
Connected field

The UN Sustainable Development Goals

We have a commitment to the planet, and we commit daily to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Certifications and Recognitions

Innovating at scale

We're focused on new technologies, new tools and novel ways of thinking

We’re striving to be more efficient together - to protect and enhance natural capital, to dramatically change the climate impact of farming, and to increase productivity for all of agriculture.

Sharing agriculture’s larger purpose

Our system connects dots across the field and into the future

We share agriculture’s larger purpose - to sustain the environment and our food supply.

Our technology grows value in every corner of the field. It’s why we measure our success by the results we’re achieving with our partners and customers, year after year.

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We are:

  • Continuing to solve unseen problems, with our boots on the ground.
  • Capturing value for how we grow, not just what we grow.
  • Building breakthrough innovations that link inputs and systems in novel ways.

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