ALICE AI | Solix Ag Robotics

Plant-by-plant monitoring for decision-making agriculture


The first platform for large-scale production in agribusiness

Technology developed to revolutionize the management of highly variable conditions in the field, moving from average to individual sampling, with plant-by-plant monitoring.

Powered by artificial intelligence and fully autonomous, Solix works in conjunction with the ALICE AI platform to coordinate operations between machines, monitor insects and weeds, analyze soil health, and measure plant nutrition, giving farmers a new level of real-time information.

ALICE AI Platform

Solix Sprayer: Clean Field as a Service

Sustainable spot-spray applications promotes rational use of chemicals to spot treat and preserve crop.

Solix works before weeds reproduce, eliminating soil compaction and helping lower environmental impact.

More productivity and efficiency for the entire agricultural market including farmers, cooperatives, and ag-retailers.

Agricultural data at scale

Autonomy and accuracy

Fully autonomous, Solix moves throughout the field, day and night, without trampling the rows of plants.

Rational use of inputs

Chemical inputs, such as pesticides and fertilizers, can be reduced by as much as 30%, while the reduction in the use of insecticides can reach 70% through early identification of pests.

Scan from root to stem

Plant-by-plant monitoring helps identify pests even at an early stage.

Agricultural information at scale and in real time

Solix can monitor two million plants per day, working 24 hours a day, non-stop.

Lightweight design and solar powered

Solix is powered by solar energy and can operate for three days in the absence of sunlight. With its lightweight design, the robot is more efficient and cost-effective.


Enables low-impact agriculture

The robot plots action maps based on the conditions of each plant. This makes it possible to use smaller machines to spray only the areas that need it, reduce the use of chemical inputs in the field, and preserve the health of the soil.

Sustainable technology for the field

Solinftec is focused on building new technologies that reduce the climate impact of farming, while also increasing productivity. Solix provides significant gains in efficiency and care for the environment, helping producers transform agriculture into a more productive and sustainable practice for the planet.

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Solix is located in Brazil, United States and Canada. Read about it here.

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