Agriculture will never be the same.
First autonomous robot for large scale food production.

Powered by artificial intelligence and fully autonomous, Solix works in conjunction with the ALICE AI platform to give farmers a new level of real-time information.

  • 100% autonomous and solar powered
  • Accurate scouting and target-spraying
  • Weed control in early stages
  • Eliminate insects without chemical pesticides
  • Up to 95% herbicide reduction
  • Carbon footprint reduction
  • Soil compaction reduction
  • Enables low-impact, high-performance agriculture

Available for:

  • Corn
  • Soybean
  • Wheat
  • Cotton
  • Specialty Crop


ALICE AI Platform

Solix Sprayer: Clean Field as a Service

Sustainable target-spray applications promote optimization of chemicals to treat and preserve the crop.

Solix maintains fields as soon as weeds emerge while continuously scouting and helping lower environmental impact.

More productivity and efficiency for the entire agricultural market including farmers, seed companies, and ag-retailers.

Clean Field as a Service!

More productivity and efficiency for the entire agricultural market including farmers, seed companies, and ag-retailers.

Unmatched autonomy and precision

Solix operates autonomously day and night, seamlessly navigating through fields without disturbing rows. This level of autonomy enables precise and accurate spraying, delivering optimal results. Its lightweight design and solar power source allow for operation for up to three days without sunlight, enhancing efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Eliminate insects without chemical pesticides

Solix travels through the fields at night with the aim of combating the pests before they reach the oviposition stage, or the female's egg leaving, without posing a risk to pollinators, insects of daytime behavior. Solix manages to control pests of greater economic interest to agribusinesses, using specific wavelengths of light to attract insects and eliminate them by electroshock.

Early-stage weed control and input optimization

With Solix, early-stage weed control becomes a reality. By identifying and addressing weed issues promptly, farmers can prevent damage and optimize their use of inputs. The platform facilitates a target-spray application, ensuring resources are utilized effectively while minimizing wastage.

Real-time agronomic information at scale

Harnessing the power of Solix, operations gain access to real-time, scale-based agronomic information. With the capacity to monitor 2 million plants per day, the platform ensures comprehensive and timely insights into crop health. Its 24/7 operation guarantees continuous monitoring whenever necessary.

Enhanced productivity and efficiency for the agricultural market

Solix offers a range of advantages that boost productivity and efficiency across the entire agricultural market. Farmers, seed companies, and ag-retailers can all benefit from its features.


Sustainable target-spray applications for optimal crop treatment

By promoting sustainable target-spray applications, Solix optimizes the use of chemicals to treat and preserve crops. This approach ensures the optimization of chemical inputs while maintaining effective crop protection. Fields are meticulously maintained as weeds emerge, minimizing their impact and preserving the environment. 

Sustainable technology for the field

Solinftec is focused on building new technologies that reduce the climate impact of farming, while also increasing productivity. Solix provides significant gains in efficiency and care for the environment, helping producers transform agriculture into a more productive and sustainable practice for the planet.

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Solix is located in Brazil, United States and Canada. Read about it here.

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