Citrus in Brazil and Latin America

Monitoring plant by plant for a crop where every detail matters

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From planting to numerous harvests, extremely efficient control of the operations performed is necessary. ALICE AI adapts to your farm, your routine, and your conditions, respecting your business, whatever the machinery or inputs.

ALICE AI acts to ensure the execution of your planning

ALICE AI is everywhere at once. Omnipresent and systemic, it monitors machines, operations, climate, inputs, plants, and everything involved in the farming ecosystem. It acts to resolve and correct potential deviations in real-time, before losses and damages.

Fully secure and responsible decision making

A culture that has different field operations demands a system capable of integrating data and information. ALICE AI makes management suggestions and directs the actions, so that they are applied in the ideal amounts and in the correct places, guaranteeing the maximum productive potential of the crop.

Communication with transparency and reliability

Knowing everything that was used in the crop and how it was committed has been increasingly valued by consumers. ALICE AI connects the entire operation with 100% digital and automatic traceability of all links in the production chain.


Cultures in Brazil and Latin America

Solinftec’s comprehensive solution improves custom application services in all areas of the field

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