Row Crops in Brazil and Latin America

We know the challenges of the ones who feed the world from up close

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Production quality, quick decision-making and high productivity are key points in an increasingly demanding market.

We know that day-to-day unpredictability on the farm is one of the biggest barriers to productivity. Our solution? Monitor and solve everything possible to control. We have created a controlled environment, out in the open.

Short window for operations

From planting to harvesting, the producer needs to race against time to carry out operations within the windows of each region.

The integration between plant, climate and operation data allows us to make decisions that increase agricultural productivity.

More tons with less investment

With autonomy and intelligence, ALICE AI makes management suggestions and directs actions, so that they are applied in the ideal quantities and in the correct places, reducing waste and maximizing the productive potential of the crop.

Connectivity: Our artificial intelligence operates independently of 4G

Most of the Brazilian grain production is located in regions without connectivity. We use SolinfNet, a low-cost proprietary network to connect all field operations.

Machines, Operations, Input type: We connect everything, whatever the size of your business.

Communication plant to plant, machine to machine

With numerous operations and diverse processes, the complexity lies in safely and quickly collecting accurate and reliable information.

Our solution: Collect data from all links in the production chain 100% digitally and automatically.


Cultures in Brazil and Latin America

Solinftec’s comprehensive solution improves custom application services in all areas of the field

Use global agriculture software solutions to optimize operations

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