ALICE AI: Machine learning with a lifetime experience in agriculture

Unlike Any Digital Agricultural Platform

ALICE AI doesn't show you raw data for you to decide and take chances on your own - it shows you the best decision at each step of the way, even if conditions change every hour.

One person makes about 35,000 decisions per day. For farmers, a choice can change everything.

ALICE AI receives over 10 billion pieces of information from the field per day. With that, it can reduce your thousands of questions into one certainty: following the path indicated by ALICE AI will yield greater productivity, lower risk, and lower costs for your business.

ALICE AI goes beyond just yes or no, it shows you when and how.

Integrated and systemic, it knows and is integrated into all processes on your farm—from pre-planting to post-harvesting. With that, it can tell you exactly the best moment to carry out each operation, autonomously directing inputs, equipment, machinery, and labor.

ALICE AI understands the setbacks of undertaking in the field. That's why it is there for you, from planning to execution.

In the fields, things change all the time. In addition to directing the planning, ALICE AI guarantees that it will be seamlessly executed, coordinating and adjusting routes in real-time—during the processes—thereby avoiding losses.

Take on the work or outsource– either way, your business will be run as you would.

ALICE AI cares as an owner and seeks crop success. So you can choose to assume production with confidence or outsource processes without hesitation.

Regardless of the size of the property, complexity of the chain, inputs, or equipment brands – ALICE AI guarantees that everything will work like a well-oiled machine.

One solution to many challenges

Monitoring, agronomy, logistics, and traceability—all solutions your business needs to be more productive and profitable, in a single platform.

Swap loss reports for actions that will avoid them.

ALICE AI Platform screen

Vision and routine of a grower, technical knowledge of the largest Ag Library in the world.

Your greatest ally on the field. Pleased to meet you, ALICE.

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