Forestry in Brazil and Latin America

Technology that drives the perfect harmony between operations and environmental balance, throughout the production cycle

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Having control of what happens inside the crop is essential for the quality of production. ALICE AI provides security and transparency of the operation, in addition to qualifying your efforts during the harvest, ensuring that you reap the best results.

Transparency and reliability, from inputs to harvest.

Having control over the history of operations is essential to meet the demanding local or export market. With ALICE AI, the quality of data collection guarantees accurate traceability, without intervention and human error.

Transparency and reliability, from inputs to harvest, and to the consumer's cup.

Operation predictability and planning execution without human intervention.

By monitoring all processes in an integrated way, ALICE AI works to ensure that the planning will be executed within the correct window, solving the problem of wasted inputs and high production costs.

Connectivity. Our artificial intelligence operates independently of 4G

Most coffee production is located in regions without connectivity. We use SolinfNet, a low-cost proprietary network to connect all field operations. machines? operations? Input type? We connect everything, whatever the size of your business.


Cultures in Brazil and Latin America

Solinftec’s comprehensive solution improves custom application services in all areas of the field

Use global agriculture software solutions to optimize operations

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