Machine Utilization

Solinftec’s solution for custom application services, ensures machines are operating to their full capacity.

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Machine Utilization

Get the most out of your machines

With better data and more accurate information on your acres, ag retailers and service providers can ensure their machinery is being utilized efficiently to avoid common situations that sideline application equipment.

Solinftec offers solutions to maximize your machine utilization

Solinftec gives you the technology to make the best decisions to make sure machine utilization is at its peak for your business. Here are some features Solinftec is proud to offer as part of the solution:


Monitoring gives a real-time view of sprayers, spreaders and tender trucks, empowering you to make decisions based on performance. View real-time work orders on the map and watch statuses progress from scheduled to in-progress. 


Scheduling helps manage machines and work order schedules, while leveraging weather, trait, and chemistry-aware artificial intelligence to generate an efficient schedule for your machines. You can edit the schedule with your knowledge of the growers needs before sending jobs to applicators. Schedule the entire day’s work orders within minutes.

Loads Views

Loads Views supports your mix operator by coordinating and synchronizing the operation by reviewing loads from the device in the shed, and automatically calculating loads to minimize spreader stop time.

Better data for machine utilization, better customer satisfaction

Solinftec takes into account the business perspective

Sprayers and spreaders do not operate 27% of the machine hours available (after accounting for weather). Solinftec can improve machine utilization for your fleet, saving 50 thousand dollar per machine, per year. Not only can Solinftec save your custom application business hundreds of thousands of dollars, it can also increase farmer satisfaction by improving the rate in which acres are added.

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Powerful Reporting for your business’s success

Enhance machine utilization with robust data

In addition to real-time reporting, Solinftec offers comprehensive historical reporting, giving you the tools to determine the outcomes of your fleet’s machine utilization.

Equipment History

Review equipment history order-by-order and even replay routing with the timeline features.

Records Tab

Review all work orders and easily set them up. Custom sort reports based on equipment groups.

Compliance Reports

More reporting for quality of the application to show customers and for auditing purposes.

The bottom line is we deliver an ROI unmatched in AgTech


more efficient travel times


less stop time & driving time

Savings per sprayer per year

Solinftec's Comprehensive Solutions

Custom application retailers, co-ops and independent service providers use Solinftec solutions to get an additional 5,000 acres through each of your rigs each year.*

Solinftec’s comprehensive solution improves custom application services in all areas of the field.

Transform your agricultural operations with Solinftec

Use our real-time agronomy solutions to transform and optimize your operations.

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Join thousands of other farmers, retailers, and co-ops in finding new opportunities to improve efficiency and optimize processes — all in the service of feeding the world.