Tender Truck Efficiency

Solving problems for your tender truck operation with real-time data

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Tender truck efficiency overview

Coordination is easier than ever for tender truck drivers, applicators and office staff

Coordinating meeting time and place for tender trucks and applicators has been a struggle for many custom application service providers. That’s why Solinftec solves this problem with tender truck efficiency by dispatching tender trucks in real-time and keeping drivers in the loop with the tender truck drive app.

Advantages of tender truck optimization with Solinftec

Imagine getting more time back in a day back during planting season. Over the season, that can generate more time to cover more acres or free up time for employees to get home earlier - improving morale.

Reducing applicators wait time in half

Applicators spend 15% of their day waiting for tender trucks. That’s 90 minutes in a 10-hour day. Solinftec’s tender truck optimization reduces this by half.

Tender trucks spend 25% less time stopped

By dispatching tender trucks accurately, drivers know exactly where they need to be when they need to be there. By monitoring the drivers progress, it can avoid costly mistakes and delays.

Tender truck application built exclusively for drivers

As part of the Solinftec solution, we have created a tender truck application exclusively for tender truck drivers that saves time and increases productivity.

Minimize stop time

Solinftec’s tender truck optimization, drivers are able to alert the sprayer and mix operators when they are in the area, allowing for easier coordination and less stop time.

Reduce mistakes

Tender truck optimization along with route optimization (link) reduce the likelihood of going to the wrong field or wrong meeting spot. The enhanced communication and coordination between driver, sprayer and dispatcher gives real-time updates and prevents confusion.

Increase productivity

With tender truck optimization, productivity is increased due to real-time updates, efficient scheduling and enhanced communication.

Easy to use

The tender truck driver application is easily implemented into the operation and is intuitive for drivers with all levels of technology skill sets.

Dispatching tender trucks in real time

Enhance tender truck optimization and manage work orders in one place.

Solinftec supports your daily operation and enhances the daily workflow for tender truck drivers.

  • Plan accordingly and eliminate phone calls and load early by detecting tender truck ETA.
  • Monitor the fleet in real-time and make decisions based on performance and locations.
  • Tender truck drivers are able to communicate with the operations team and applicators and view next steps within the tender truck application.
  • Review equipment history order by order.

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