Solinftec Improves Efficiency of U.S. Sugar, the Nation’s Largest Sugarcane Producer

West Lafayette, Indiana – September 2, 2021Solinftec, a technology company built exclusively for agriculture, recently concluded its third year working with U.S. Sugar, a leading provider of refined sugar, citrus and fresh vegetables in the United States. Three years after implementation in their sugarcane harvest operations, U.S. Sugar has continued making its harvest process more sustainable, including reducing fuel consumption with Solinftec technologies.

A major component to U.S. Sugar’s ability to make significant efficiency gains is Solinftec’s digital interface, which captures data on a daily basis throughout the harvest season. This, along with the benefits received from Solinftec’s machine-to-machine communications, have helped U.S. Sugar make smarter business decisions, saving fuel and reducing the time it takes to harvest sugarcane. The Solinftec tool creates a real-time data flow, which has enabled U.S. Sugar to develop automated key performance indicators (KPI) and digital reporting for their harvest operations.

“Solinftec’s near-real-time data gives U.S. Sugar’s Harvest Management Team actionable information, delivered automatically,” said Derek Pridgen, general manager with U.S. Sugar. “This has allowed us to monitor operations, measure efficiencies and benchmark our performance in a new way.

Solinftec’s solution automates harvest logistics for U.S. Sugar in real time, improving efficiency of transporting the crop from the field.

“Fortunately, Solinftec’s data technology can be adapted for nearly any piece of farming environment. They brought us a solution focused on improving our daily operations within an impressive development timeline,” said Dixie Walker, project manager at U.S. Sugar. “The technology is compatible with any type of machine and has minimal human input requirements. For us, this means less operator input error and improved data integrity.”Solinftec was founded nearly 15 years ago, with a focus on improving the efficiency of the sugarcane industry across Latin America. With widespread success in that region, the company later expanded its technology to similar operations around the world, including the United States in 2018.

Solinftec’s customers, including sugarcane producers, are seeing increases in productivity and efficiency while reducing costs.“Our customers have reduced the number of machines needed by up to 40% while continuing to increase production after integrating Solinftec’s technology into their digital command centers,” said Genrry Perez, Solinftec cofounder, and technical vice president. “And these results are not isolated to the sugarcane industry – we’re seeing immense efficiency gains across all of the commodities we are working with.”

Solinftec's solution has been adapted to meet the needs of row crop, citrus, and perennial crop producers. Additionally, Solinftec has helped agricultural service providers across the United States increase the efficiency of their custom application business to reduce costs and provide a higher level of service for farmers.

"U.S. Sugar is a great example of how adopting technology can help achieve operational excellence,” said Arthur Sia, general service manager at Solinftec. “We look forward to continuing to help them refine their systems and processes as our partnership continues.”

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