Robotics in agriculture:

Solinftec's Solix Revolutionnizes Crop Management in the American Corn Belt   

Solinftec's revolutionary robot, Solix, is gaining ground in the American Corn Belt, bringing transformative changes to cooperative business models in the region.

Co-Alliance, Carroll Service Company, and Premier Ag have formed partnerships with the company after testing the Solix robot and witnessing a reduction of over 95% in the volume of herbicides applied during the recent crop season, effectively eliminating weeds at an early stage.

Solinftec, a global leader in artificial intelligence and sustainable agricultural practices, established partnerships with three more American cooperatives at the beginning of August. Co-Alliance, Carroll FS, and Premier Ag completed the acquisition of additional Solix units after testing and experiencing the benefits provided by the Sprayer solution on their crops. Through these partnerships, Solinftec aims to expand its presence in the United States by fivefold.

Around 20 robots covered the American corn belt in 2023 and proved the effectiveness of the Sprayer solution, reducing herbicide volume in American crops by more than 95% through targeted applications that eliminate weeds at their early stages. "The three cooperatives are at the forefront of agricultural technology in the United States, and by adopting Solix, they realized the potential for changing the way they price services provided to American producers," says Leonardo Carvalho, Chief Global Strategy Officer.

"In the traditional model, American cooperatives purchase agrochemicals directly from companies in the agricultural pesticides industry and offer spraying services along with the product that will be managed on the field," explains Leonardo. "

With the introduction of the Solix robot, the possibility of change arises in how they charge for the service, not based on the volume of agrochemicals applied but on clean acres. This means a combination of factors such as weed-free area, productivity per acre, and the possibility of establishing a fixed value since the choice of the product to be applied by the Solix platform lies with the Cooperative," assures the director of strategy at Solinftec.

"Through these partnerships we have consolidated this month, we demonstrate our ability to serve a wide range of businesses democratically, enabling quick decision-making, delivering a significant reduction in agrochemicals, and providing sustainability to our customers' businesses. Additionally, we offer a new way of managing the American corn belt," added Guilherme Guiné, Chief of Operations of Solinftec in North America.

"Modern agriculture needs technologies like those from Solinftec that redefine the way business and spraying are currently done," noted Noah Freeman, Senior Director YieldPro at Co-Alliance. "The economic and sustainability benefits generated by Solix in our operations are evident," said Ryan Priest, Chief Operating Officer at Premier. "We were able to clearly see the benefits that Solinftec's expertise can offer to American agriculture," said Chase Sellnow, General Manager at Carroll Service Company. "By adopting this robotic technology, we observed the potential for a coming change in how we conduct our business," concluded the GM.

In addition to these three cooperatives, WHIN (Wabash Heartland Innovation Network) has also partnered with Solinftec and will continue to use the technology among its members in the next harvest.

For producers interested in Solix, Solinftec offers a website for pre-orders. Visit Solix ( to learn more.

About Solix AG Robotics Sprayer Solution:

The Sprayer keeps the fields clean, free from invasive plants, and ensures sustainable production from pre-planting to harvest. The Solix Sprayer is capable of precise herbicide application, enabling efficient control of weeds, preventing their spread, and competition for nutrients with the target crop. Another efficiency point regarding the Sprayer model is its ability to avoid drift during herbicide management since it is a lighter machine operating at a lower speed, providing greater stability in the booms while still respecting the recommended spacing between nozzles, usually 20 inches.

In addition to the weather function, the Sprayer works in conjunction with the ALICE platform, which can provide appropriate wind speed recommendations and optimal windows for spraying crops. The Sprayer is powered by four solar panels that control its drive system and spraying system, providing reports on crop populations, weed identification and densities, insect identification, spraying maps with analysis of inputs, and other data layers for producer analysis 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Solix Sprayer can cover up to 50 acres per day, depending on the field's shape and terrain.

About Solinftec:

Solinftec has a mission to revolutionize large-scale food production - the company is committed to offering cutting-edge solutions like ALICE AI artificial intelligence and the Solix Ag Robotics. Solinftec is a global company founded in 2007 that has become a global leader in artificial intelligence services and robotics for agriculture. The North American Headquarters is located in Lafayette, IN.

Contact Communication: Camila Gonzaga [email protected]

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