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U.S. Sugar continues to make harvest process more sustainable with Solinftec technologies

Three years after implementation in their sugarcane harvest operations, U.S. Sugar has continued making its harvest process more sustainable, including reducing fuel consumption with Solinftec.

Customer Story Overview

Significant efficiency gained from Solinftec's digital interface

U.S. Sugar is a leading provider of refined sugar, citrus and fresh vegetables in the United States. A major component to U.S. Sugar’s ability to make significant gains was utilizing Solinftec’s technology to capture data on a daily basis throughout the harvest season.

By doing this, U.S. Sugar makes smarter business decisions, saving fuel and reducing the time it takes to harvest sugarcane.

The challenge
U.S. Sugar wanted to develop automated key performance indicators (KPIs) and produce digital reporting for their harvest operations. To do this, it was imperative to find a technology partner that had proven success in sugarcane harvest.
The opportunity
By partnering and utilizing Solinftec solutions, near real-time data would be provided to U.S. Sugar’s Harvest Management Team to make actionable decisions, which would allow them to monitor operations, measure efficiencies and benchmark performance in a new way.
The result
Solinftec’s solution automated harvest logistics for U.S. Sugar in real time, improving efficiency of transporting the crop from the field.
“Fortunately, Solinftec's data technology can be adapted for nearly any piece of farming environment. They brought us a solution focused on improving our daily operations within an impressive development timeline."

“The technology is compatible with any type of machine and has minimal human input requirements. For us, this means less operator input error and improved data integrity.”

Dixie Walker, Project Manager | US Sugar

AgTech Market Trends

Sugarcane producers are seeing increases in productivity and efficiency while reducing costs.

“Our customers have reduced the number of machines needed by up to 40%, while continuing to increase production after integrating Solinftec’s technology into their digital command centers,” said Genrry Perez, Solinftec co-founder and technical vice president. “And these results are not isolated to the sugarcane industry – we’re seeing immense efficiency gains across all of the commodities we are working with.”

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