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Measuring the value by timeliness and responsiveness to customers

MKC had a goal of taking better care of their customers and its partnership with Solinftec helped them reach it.

Customer Story Overview

Solutions built by being hands-on with the team and learning the best efficiencies for operation

Solinftec took the time to get to know the full operation of the MKC co-op, located in Moundridge, KS, to look at the possible efficiencies to be found for both their organization and their farmers.

By doing so, the two teams built successes around what MKC was already doing in their day-to-day work, but also to help them realize what they could be doing better.

The challenge

As MKC’s COO put it, “If an emergency comes in and we have to go help a customer be successful by making an application when they forgot a field, it would make things easier if we know where our riggs are, what the plan is for that day, and the ability to track it all.” MKC looked to Solinftec to help improve their customer experience.

The opportunity

By partnering and utilizing Solinftec solutions, the MKC team could learn the best ways to optimize their workflows within their operation. Technology built alongside their team would make for solutions that aligns perfectly with their day-to-day, which would be easy to implement and showcase efficiencies.

The result

The Solinftec solutions allow the MKC team to respond better as things come up and help their team communicate more clearly. It reduces the stakes, making their response time more timely and more successful as a team in getting the ultimate goal of taking care of their customer done.

“Solinftec really had a background working with their former customers and providing solutions of routing efficiencies specifically for farming equipment.

That was the only company that we worked with and that we talked to that really could show outcomes - and positive outcomes - from the work they had done.”

Erik Lange, Executive VP and Chief Operating Officer | MKC

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Measuring the value of working with new technology

By using Solinftec and being able to make sure MKC gets the most efficiency out of their machinery, all while being the most timely for their customers - MKC could find the value in measuring their return by calculating up dollars and cents, but the timeliness and responsiveness to customers was almost immeasurable.

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