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Improving efficiency and productivity from sugarcane fields to the mills

COFCO adopts Solinftec's FLOW solution to solve logistical challenges in sugarcane harvesting

 Customer Story Overview

Solinftec technology enhances COFCO sugarcane operation

COFCO is a multinational company, of Chinese origin, with a large operation in Brazil, which employs around 7,000 employees in different cultures, especially sugarcane.

With more than a thousand pieces of equipment in the field, the company decided to invest in technology to have a center capable of controlling its entire operation in the field, for greater efficiency and productivity and found Solinftec to be the ideal partner for this management.

One of the biggest challenges was managing the fleet responsible for harvesting sugarcane, which until then was carried out by manual communication via radio, which generated waste of time and resources. The adoption of Solinftec's FLOW solution solved this logistical challenge and provided a reduction of more than 35% of the fleet used in harvesting, with an increase in performance.

The Challenge

The challenge was to monitor the fleet used in the harvest in real time, in order to solve operational bottlenecks.

The Opportunity

The adoption of Solinftec's FLOW real-time fleet management solution optimized equipment logistics in the field, reducing operating time and invested resources.

The Result

As a result, there was a reduction of more than 35% in the fleet used in harvesting, with an increase in performance.

“We had no vision of the quantity of tons cut in the field and with the implementation of FLOW we are able to optimize transport logistics. As a result, there hasn't even been an industrial stop for lack of sugarcane, and I say that it was with the enormous help of Solinftec”

Betânia Ferreira, Agricultural Operations Manager | COFCO INTL

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Cost reduction via online monitoring

COFCO used more than 1,000 pieces of equipment directly connected to their Operations Center (GOA), streamlining processes and making strategic decisions. They ended up investing in Solinftec technology to monitor all of their equipment from the operations center to view all of the equipment in every aspect of the agricultural operations. 

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"Solinftec comes in to provide information at a time of the operation when managers were unable to make assertive decisions"

Rogerio Nicola, Agricultural automation manager | COFCO INTL

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