Technology that lives in the field

Solix lives in the field, constantly learning and adapting, using artificial intelligence to monitor and care for every piece of the crop every day, like a guardian.

  • Complete agronomic field analysis;
  • Early-stage weed control;
  • Up to 95% reduction in herbicide application;
  • Reduced soil compaction and carbon footprint;
  • Potential productivity increase;
  • Autonomous and sustainable, powered by solar energy;
  • Low-impact, high-productivity agriculture.

Solix Sprayer: Clean Field as a Service

Sustainable target-spray applications promote optimization of chemicals to treat and preserve the crop.

Solix maintains fields as soon as weeds emerge while continuously scouting and helping lower environmental impact.

More productivity and efficiency for the entire agricultural market including farmers, seed companies, and ag-retailers.

Clean Field as a Service!

More productivity and efficiency for the entire agricultural market including farmers, seed companies, and ag-retailers.

Accurate scouting and targeted spray

Solix's artificial intelligence (AI) recognition system allows it to identify, check, and perform localized applications. Solix distinguishes the crop of interest from the main weed species. The use of this technology has enabled reductions of up to 95% in the use of herbicides in post-emergence and 92% in desiccation and pre-planting operations. Solix's constant action as a protective guardian of the field combats weed competition, thereby increasing the productive potential of the crop, helping the producer to harvest more per hectare. It ensures that resources are effectively used while minimizing waste.

Control of Major Adult Pests Without Chemicals

Solix also has the mission of hunting pest insects that harm crops through a unique technology developed to attract these aggressors. Based on different wavelengths of light to attract specific orders of pest insects per crop, it attracts them during the nighttime and combats adult individuals through electroshocks before the oviposition period. In other words, Solix becomes a living trap for economically damaging insects to any agricultural area, regardless of geographic location, with a focus on Brazil. This capture process helps break the reproductive cycle of pest insects present in crops and reduces infestations. Solix's lights do not impact the capture of beneficial insects, such as bees, as these insects have diurnal movement habits. Furthermore, all of Solix's AI is connected to Solinftec's climate data for better field combat strategy creation against these pests.

Crop Development

Solix's permanent presence in the field enhances the capabilities of its missions. In addition to control technologies through agricultural pesticide spraying and capture of insects harmful to crops, the robot can monitor the phenological development of plants during their growth. Solix recognizes flaws, vegetative development, and other important indicators for an overall view of the plot and farms. With a field survey goal, centimeter by centimeter, Solix generates strategic data and information for production estimate statistics or decision-making that is no longer predictive but determinant for management.

Fossil Fuel Reduction

Powered by solar energy, Solix operates 24/7 in the field, meaning it lives, resides, and works in the field. The robot also has the capacity to generate sufficient charge for work on partially cloudy days. Its clean energy, in addition to being efficient, also promotes a significant reduction in operational costs and environmental health.

Drastic Soil Compaction Reduction

Through a lightweight, simple, and efficient design associated with a high-precision autonomous navigation system, Solix performs its tasks in fully controlled traffic, significantly reducing the risk of trampling and soil compaction. Its path is planned to travel between crop rows, avoiding crop compression and thereby favoring the development of commercially interesting plants.

Sustainable technology for the field

Solinftec is focused on building new technologies that reduce the climate impact of farming, while also increasing productivity. Solix provides significant gains in efficiency and care for the environment, helping producers transform agriculture into a more productive and sustainable practice for the planet.

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