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Discover the advantage our agriculture software solutions offer to farms across the globe.

Leverage agtech artificial intelligence to optimize operations

We’re global problem-solvers creating hyperlocal solutions.

Your operation deserves a different approach. The reality is that factors vary across regions, commodities, and supply chains — and each scenario demands a different kind of intelligence.

Solve your most pressing challenges using real-time agriculture software solutions that deliver actionable insights embedded in our easy-to-use mobile agtech platform.

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Real-time results for agriculture

We don’t use data to prove results. We use data to create results.

acres optimized in 10 countries

Machines monitored in real-time

tons of CO2 avoided in five years

Every obstacle is an opportunity

Explore our locally-grown agriculture software solutions.

Food production and logistic challenges require a proactive approach. That’s why we dig deep, working side-by-side with farmers and ag service providers to uncover areas that need improvement.

Each obstacle uncovered is an opportunity to improve efficiency. Our real-time AI-based agriculture software solutions offer the intelligence needed to react, adjust, and optimize — in the moment.

Agronomy services, North America

Optimize agronomy service operations with a user-generated agtech platform that gives you real-time visibility across your operations.

Grain logistics, North America

Simplify grain logistics with a connected agtech solution designed to give you tracking, monitoring, and grain transport control.

Agronomy operations, Latin America

Streamline your agronomy operations with agriculture software solutions that find you real-time opportunities to adjust and optimize.

Make real-time decisions to make real-time impact

You don’t need a report on what happened. You need new outcomes based on real-time analysis.

Traditional planning and reporting software only helps with a portion of your operational efficiency. What you need is real-time data to give you visibility and actionable insights into your agriculture operations.

Stop reflecting on what could have been. Start reacting in the moment and changing outcomes.

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Artificial intelligence

Use ALICE, our AI, and embed machine learning protocols into your systems to find, isolate, and act on real-time data at a moment’s notice.

Real-time decision making

Go beyond planning and reporting to real-time decision-making. Monitor operations in real-time, receive alerts, and adjust as needed.


Gain instant efficiency by automating spraying schedules, routing, tank mix compatibility — and reduce time idling or waiting around.

Boots on the ground

Give your drivers and farmers real-time, in-person support whenever needed. Our cloud-based platform is easy-to-use, and there’s always help if needed.

Data-driven guidance

Integrate live weather and product label data into your ag operations with AI-assisted scheduling and real-time dispatch.

User-generated solutions

Use agtech developed side-by-side with customers and industry partners. Address the real challenges facing agriculture using technology grounded in reality.

AgTech Solutions Customer Story

Provided more service out of the current fleet of machines and operators on staff


West Central FS partnered with Solinftec to increase efficiencies and provide better service to customers

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Achieve optimal efficiency with agriculture software solutions

Efficiency reflects well on your balance sheet.

Start seeing real results, in real-time, with technology designed in the field to solve your very real challenges. Our agriculture software solutions offer direct benefits to your operation by optimizing cost-control factors.

Seek the maximum yield from your hard work with agriculture software solutions built alongside farmers and service providers. Increased efficiency and productivity and fine-tuned adjustments to keep your operation’s balance sheet in the black.

"Game-changing... a whole new level of efficiency"

“When I learned of the efficiency gains that the Brazilian sugarcane industry achieved through Solinftec’s digital and artificial intelligence solutions, I knew this could be game-changing. It could take our operations to a whole new level of efficiency.”

Lance Ruppert, Director of agronomy marketing technology at Growmark

Focus on your operations

What’s the difference between the weather and Solinftec?

Reliability. Our SaaS agriculture software solution is so easy to use, you won’t need us. But we’re here, just in case.

Get our support staff on-site, on the phone, or online. Your teams will never be left out in the cold.

Grow your ideas with insights from Solinftec

Explore innovative thinking from industry experts to find new ways of solving the most critical issues in agriculture.
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Solix, technology that lives in the field.

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Optimize your operations with agriculture software solutions

Use global agriculture software solutions to optimize operations.

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Join thousands of other farmers, retailers, and co-ops in finding new opportunities to improve efficiency and optimize processes — all in the service of feeding the world.