Solinftec and Planet Partner to Provide Real-Time Agronomic Insights

West Lafayette, Indiana – March 4, 2021 – Solinftec, a leader in agricultural digitalization, today announced a global partnership with Planet, operator of history's largest commercial fleet of earth observation satellites, to deliver real-time data that will further drive efficiency and transparency across the agriculture industry.

This technical and commercial partnership will leverage Planet’s near-daily satellite imagery and data to further inform smart farming decisions through Solinftec. With Solinftec, farmers and ag retailers have access to live agronomic insights while on-the-job, which helps inform complex, daily farm activities and ag retailer services. The integration of Planet’s satellite data adds a new layer of vital information into the algorithm, to guide a wide variety of crop management decisions.

“Farmers today make decisions with their entire operation in mind –constantly considering a wide variety of factors that can change day-to-day,” said Henrique Nomura, chief technology officer of Solinftec. “We are focused on incorporating the latest information, which now includes data from Planet—to inform smarter decisions at key stages of the crop production cycle.”

Planet’s satellite imagery can be used to cover large growing areas, deliver field-level detail to observe spatial variability and ensure data is up to date across the season. This partnership between Solinftec and Planet helps bridge the gap between data sources in the cloud and agricultural decisions on the ground.

“Planet’s imagery is helping to enable Solinftec to scale globally as they expand their digital agriculture solutions to reach farmers in more than 10 countries and growing,” states director of business development at Planet, Zara Khan. “This partnership will provide invaluable data to farmers allowing them to track historical trends and inform real-time decisions for crop health monitoring and nutrient management.”Solinftec and Planet’s global partnership centers around real-time insights – a factor that differentiates both companies within their respective industries.

“Real-time support for smart decision-making is in our DNA,” said Guilherme Guine Pinto Ferreira, Solinftec head of product, Brazil. “That’s one of the characteristics that immediately drew us to Planet. Our customers
expect frequency without sacrificing quality and that’s what they get with this partnership.”

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About Solinftec: Solinftec is a leading platform that combines cutting edge technology to drive agricultural digitalization across more than 22 million acres globally. We deliver solutions to connect farms and different players in food production, leveraging operational efficiency, better use of inputs and agriculture compliance, ultimately reducing environmental impact. Solinftec was founded in 2007, has over 500 employees headquartered in Aracatuba, São Paulo, Brazil and West Lafayette, Indiana. For more information, visit

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