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We present Solix, the new ground-breaking AgTech robot that enhances ALICE AI’s vision for smarter farm management

Working in conjunction with the ALICE AI platform, Solix is the first robotic platform built for large-scale food production in agribusiness. It utilizes artificial intelligence to operate completely autonomously in the field. Solix scans for crop health and nutrition, disease, insects, and weeds, but also is built to monitor the entire field ecosystem and provide real-time insights. Solix uses technology developed to revolutionize the management of highly variable conditions in the field, moving from average to individual samples, with plant-to-plant monitoring.

ALICE AI Platform

Solix: Sustainable Disruption

We’re bringing new disruptive technology to the field to enhance sustainable agriculture while putting the farmer first. 

Solix promotes the rational use of agrochemicals with one-of-a-kind technology using monitoring and addressing problems by taking immediate action with great accuracy. 

Innovation for agtech makes low-carbon agriculture viable. By reducing the use of machines, fuel, and chemicals while improving yield, Solix gives back much more than it puts in. 


Cutting-edge technology scanning your fields

When it comes to how fields are scouted today, few sections of land are sampled, and there’s a low quality of information. This is then used to represent a large area to be serviced.
With Solix, a plot of 500 acres becomes 5,000 individual 0.1 plots, allowing farmers to properly manage each part of their land, individually and according to each specific need.

100% automated, the new field scanning robot is able to move throughout the field day and night, non-stop. The robot has sensors to detect terrain and avoid obstacles. 
Scan from root to stem
The ag robot is able to see the whole picture of the plant, detecting plant health from root to stem, including low leaves, identifying pests even at an early stage, in the egg or larval stage. This monitoring allows for faster control and use of defense only where it is needed. With real-time results, producers are able to act immediately if problems arise.
Solix has solar panels on its top, which allows the robot to recharge itself during the daytime. It moves in between plant lines and has the ability to operate for three days in the absence of sunlight.
Promotes rational use of chemicals
With Solix, the reduction of chemical inputs (fertilizers and pesticides) in crops can reach 30%, while the insecticide savings, with early identification of pests, including nocturnal habits, can reach 70%. The fewer chemical inputs applied, the lower the emission of carbon gases into the atmosphere.
Using multispectral camera capabilities, Solix is able to scan plant-by-plant to identify plant nutrition, disease, weeds, and pests.

Solix provides insights into your farm

Solinftec’s Solix Ag Robotics system gives farmers, agronomists, and service providers real-time insights into the fields with a scanning and monitoring tool working plant-by-plant. By balancing production and efficiency, the robot provides better monitoring of highly variable conditions. With the lightweight design, the robot is built to be more efficient, cost-effective, and simpler to improve the quality of the ecosystem.


Developing the best technology for the field

Solinftec is focused on building new technologies to improve the climate impact of farming, while also increasing productivity with new tools. Solix has an immediate impact on environmental preservation and ecosystem balance, with a reduction in the use of inputs, water, and chemicals.
Solix promotes an improvement in the quality of life of all those involved in the ecosystem.

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Solix in the news

Solix is located in Brazil, United States and Canada. Read about it here.

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